Hydrogen Peroxide For Water Treatment In Ontario

Superfast Solutions has been serving the agriculture and horticulture industries in Ontario since 1974.  The company offers 35% and 50% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) for water treatment for greenhouses, vegetable production & processing, irrigation, well water, water fountains, sterilizing mushroom substrate, taxidermy, concrete cleaning, seed sprouting, and waste water treatment.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is widely used in paper, textile, chemical and agriculture industries in Ontario as a powerful oxidizer. Hydrogen peroxide is colorless and odorless making it suitable for water treatment and disinfection among other purposes.  Superfast Solutions offers various industries all over Ontario 35% and 50% hydrogen peroxide for treatment of greenhouses, fields, nurseries, ponds, fountains, aquariums and lagoons to name a few.

35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is effective in:

• cleaning up greenhouse facilities
• keeping water lines clean & safe
• safe chlorine removal from town water
• keeping cistern water clean
• removing iron, sulfur and manganese
• increasing safe oxygen levels in water and soil
• preventing algae growth
• providing bio-security
• safe reduction of soil pathogens in recycled water from flood    floors
• removing concrete stains
• mushroom substrate sterilization
• safe seed sprouting
• taxidermy


Hydrogen peroxide solutions available in35% and 50% concentrations, Superfast Solutions can provide you with accessories such as test strips, plastic drum pump, ¾” safety tap/spigot, 60mm cap with ¾” adaptor, universal drum wrench, green drum wrench, brown 2” drum spigot and H2O2 Enhancer for all your needs. 

Service and satisfaction is what Superfast Solutions does best.  Hydrogen peroxide is not stocked due to new ‘Restricted Component’ legislation, but Superfast Solutions can supply you 35% and 50% H2O2, whether they are Ontario greenhouses, water fountains, irrigation systems, nurseries, ponds and fountains in a timely manner. 

To order 35% and 50% hydrogen peroxide solutions, call Bob Simpson at 1-800-667-0361.  Personal deliveries are available throughout Southern Ontario.